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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Last week, I described the key features of this disabling condition. The body’s immune system attacks the protective layer of nerves as if it was foreign. The damage causes loss of nerve function. Therapy is primarily geared toward suppressing the body’s immune system. But the side-effects are significant. The ability to fight off other infections is severely compromised.

Several new medications are on “fast track” status by the FDA for clinical trials. Muscle tremors and spasms are being treated successfully with Botox. Alternative therapies have shown mixed results. Stem cell therapy to produce healthy new nerve cells is showing great promise, but gluten-free diets and bee pollen have not demonstrated any proven benefit.

What to do: A neurologist can help determine the best therapy for each patient. You can support the ongoing research through donations and fundraising events, such as the BP MS150 Bicycle Ride from Houston to Austin coming up soon.

Thought for the day: Research into ways to cope is giving MS patients hope.

Fight Multiple Sclerosis by going online to “BP MS 150” and donating to your favorite rider in the upcoming charity event. You can reach Dr. Scarborough at

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